Travel flexibly
with dial-a-ride buses

ALT, AST, flexo

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In the network area there are routes that only a few passengers travel. The use of standard buses is not economical there and certainly not environmentally friendly. But keeping you connected is very important to us. That’s why we use dial-a-ride buses. These are usually minibuses or taxis. You ride when you order it.

Various dial-a-ride buses are used in the network area. These are marked as follows in the timetable: ALT (dial-a-ride taxi), AST (dial-a-ride shared taxi), flexo (flexible use). You will also find the phone number for ordering a ride there.

When ordering a dial-a-ride bus, please tell us the numbers of adults and children, and whether a stroller, wheelchair or other luggage is to be carried.

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Dial-a-ride taxi

Get in:

At a permanent stop on the respective route

Get out:

At a permanent stop on the respective route


Normal VRB ticket (without surcharge)

Dial-a-ride shared taxi

Get in:

At a permanent stop on the respective route

Get out:

Right at your destination within the AST operating area, on request even at the front door


Normal VRB ticket, with convenience surcharge for door-drop service

Wolfsburg bei Nacht

Other dial-a-ride bus variant
Wolfsburg dial-a-ride bus

Service for night owls

Operating hours:

Friday/Saturday 8pm–5am

Saturday/Sunday 8pm–8am

Get in:

At a stop in Wolfsburg

Get out:

Right at your destination in Wolfsburg,

on request at the front door


Normal VRB ticket plus convenience surcharge.

Order line:

05361 896767

(at least 1 hour before departure)

New since
Autumn 2021: flexo

You can board the flexo bus in eleven project areas.

flexo offers attractive and direct connections that were previously unavailable. It travels as required, without any rigid departure times. The travel wishes of the customers are compiled into individual routes. Flexo can be reached quickly from anywhere, because in addition to the existing bus stops, there are 200 other stops (flexo stops).

More information on the offer and the project areas can be found at

Order line:
0531 7938400
(at least 1 hour before departure)

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