Fare zones and price brackets

Prices in the network area are calculated based on the fare zones you cross during your journey. In total, VRB is divided into 48 fare zones. A fare zone includes one city/town or several smaller towns/communities.

Preisstufe 1/StadttarifPreisstufe 2Preisstufe 3Preisstufe 41. Tarifzone2. Tarifzone3. Tarifzone4. Tarifzone5. Tarifzone und weitere

Your ticket price depends on how many fare zones there are between the starting point and destination. This results in the price bracket for your ticket.

For example, if the start and end points are located in two adjacent fare zones, price bracket 2 applies. If there are three fare zones between the start and the destination, you need price bracket 3. For four fare zones or more, price bracket 4 applies. You can travel the entire VRB area with a price bracket 4 ticket. On the other hand, if the start and destination are within a single fare zone, price bracket 1 is the right one, unless your journey is entirely within Braunschweig, Wolfsburg or Goslar. In that case, you pay the cheaper city rate. It is even cheaper if you buy your tickets in advance for the journey in Braunschweig.

How to calculate
your fare

Just select the start and destination point from the list of places. If you already know the associated fare zones, you can conveniently specify your journey via the interactive map.

Selection via the list of places

Select the desired start and destination point from the lists and then confirm your search by clicking on the “Display” button.

Selection via the interactive region map

The first click selects your start region,
the second click your destination region.

Hankensbüttel 12 Wittingen 13 Brome 14 Boldecker Land/ Sassenburg 15 Wesendorf 11 Dedenhausen Bahnhof 56 Edemissen 51 Hämelerwald Bahnhof 55 Peine/ Ilsede 50 Wende - burg 52 Hohen - hameln 54 Lengede/ Vechelde 53 Lehre 36 Isenbüttel/ Papenteich 16 Wolfsburg 20 Grasleben 38 Velpke 37 Helmstedt 30 Nord- Elm 31 Wolfen - büttel 70 Salzgitter 60 Schöppen- stedt 73 Burg- dorf 79 Sickte 72 Schladen 76 Asse 74 Oderwald 75 Liebenburg 82 Lutter am Baren - berge 83 Bad Harzburg 90 Goslar 80 Vienenburg 81 Hahnen- klee 86 Langelsheim 85 Seesen 84 Torf - haus 89 Braunlage/ St. Andreasberg 88 Oberharz 87 Cramme/ Flöthe 77 Baddecken - stedt 78 Elm 34 Schöningen 32 Heese - berg 33 Königslutter am Elm 35 Braun - schweig 40 Cremlingen 71 Gifhorn 10 Meinersen 17 *

Use of the flexo bus permitted with VRB ticket as far as Algermissen station

Use of the flexo bus and enno train via Hoheneggelsen permitted with VRB ticket