Job season ticket

Info for employers

With the cost-saving Job season ticket, you score points with employees and applicants!

  • Competitive edge in the struggle for skilled workers: Nowadays, cost-saving public-transport tickets are a major criterion for applicants when choosing a job.
  • More efficiency: A relaxed, congestion-free journey and fewer commuting accidents increase the performance of your employees.
  • Economy: Use precious land for investments instead of financing employee parking spaces.
  • Climate protection: By supporting the transport revolution, you can help preserve our environment.
  • Family-friendly image: Your employees will benefit from attractive travel conditions.

Benefits of the VRB Job season ticket subscription:

  • Use of buses, trams and regional trains
  • Valid for travel to and from work, and also for your free time
  • Free accompanying travel for one additional adult or one bicycle and up to three children (under 15) – weekdays from 7pm and all day on weekends and public holidays
  • Subscription can be suspended once a year for up to three months
  • Travel further by purchasing a cost-saving extension ticket for occasional journeys to other VRB fare zones
  • Convenient debiting of the monthly fee from your employees’ current accounts

Product overview

You choose the Job subscription model and the level of the fare subsidy, which applies uniformly to all employees.

Become a Job season ticket partner now!

Concluding a framework agreement with VRB is quick.


  • At least 20 participating employees
  • You give your employees a fare subsidy of at least €15 a month. The subsidy is exempt from tax and social-security contributions.

And after signing the contract?

The administrative burden for you is low, because your employees sign up for and manage their own season ticket subscriptions with VRB. You are only responsible for

  • the monthly payment of the fare subsidy to the participating employees
  • reconciliation of Job season ticket holders against your list of employees 3 x a year


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