HATIX – free bus travel for holidaymakers in the Harz Mountains

Everything you need to know about buying and using HATIX

HATIX makes you mobile

Since 1 January 2020, guests to the Harz Mountains can now discover the Goslar district by bus free of charge with the HATIX Harz holiday ticket. HATIX is a pilot project of the districts of Goslar, Göttingen, Harz and Mansfeld-Südharz together with Harz AG; it will run until the end of 2023.

Who can use HATIX?

All holidaymakers who stay overnight in the municipalities participating in HATIX and pay a guest fee, as well as annual guest pass holders. Your four-legged friends also travel free of charge in the VRB area. If you are travelling in a group, please register your journeys with the appropriate transport companies.


Where is HATIX valid?

HATIX is valid for bus and tram routes in the districts of Goslar, Harz, Mansfeld-Südharz (selected sections) and Göttingen (all routes in the former district of Osterode am Harz). In the VRB area, HATIX is valid in all towns and municipalities of the district of Goslar. The HATIX website provides an overview of all participating regions in the Harz Mountains, as well as the participating routes.

Further questions about HATIX

HATIX itself costs nothing. The ticket is already included in the guest fee.

First, you arrive at your accommodation. You pay the guest fee there. Your host will then give you your guest pass or a book of tickets with a registration form. Then all you have to do is complete your guest pass or registration form, enter the names of all your fellow travellers and you’re good to go.

In some places, a HATIX sticker also has to be picked up from the tourist office and stuck to the document. You can find out more from your host.

Annual guest pass holders receive a fixed quota of days a year on which they can use the bus free of charge with HATIX. The number of days is entered on the guest pass.

HATIX is valid on all public bus and tram routes in the municipalities participating in HATIX. Travel by train and coach is not included. An overview of all available routes can be found in the HATIX route plan.

Some bus routes only run when ordered by phone at certain times. In the VRB area, the district of Goslar has the dial-a-ride taxi (ALT) and the dial-a-ride shared taxi (AST). You can also use the ALT free of charge with HATIX. For travel with the AST, you pay a convenience surcharge of €3.00 for one or €4.00 for two or more fare zones crossed. For this, the AST will take you from any location on the bus route in question to your individual destination on that route, regardless of whether there is a bus stop or not.

On seasonal bus route 875, a 50-cent day toll applies per passenger. (Travel in the Harz National Park)

Unfortunately, that’s not possible. HATIX is only valid after registration in your accommodation and receipt of your guest pass with HATIX endorsement or your HATIX ticket book with registration form. Once this has been done and all the documents have been completed, you can use HATIX up to and including the day of departure.

Your completed tourist pass with the HATIX endorsement or your book of HATIX tickets with completed registration form is valid as a HATIX travel pass. You will need also your photo ID.

No, that’s not possible. HATIX applies only to holidaymakers and annual guest pass holders who pay a guest fee.

Yes, HATIX is also valid for your bike. You can take it with you free of charge, provided there is enough space on the bus. Wheelchair users, wheeled walking aids and pushchairs take precedence.

VRB tickets and pricing apply to excursions within the VRB area. So, for example, for a visit to the thermal spa in Salzgitter, you will need a price bracket 3 ticket from Goslar; for a journey from Goslar to Braunschweig, a price bracket 4 ticket. VRB tickets can be obtained directly from the bus driver, from ticket machines at train stations and from all VRB ticket offices.

We wish you a nice and eventful holiday in the Harz Mountains and a safe journey on our bus and rail services!

You can find detailed information about the Harz holiday ticket in the HATIX flyer and at www.hatix.info.