ticCAT – throughout the region for €30! With the Student monthly pass.

The cost-saving Student monthly pass is limited to a pilot period of three years (1 August 2020 to 31 July 2023).

Who is it for?

  • School students who do not get a Term pass,
  • trainees and interns,
  • students,
  • participants in voluntary services (FSJ, FÖJ, BFD)

where these are full-time activities.


The Student monthly pass costs €30.

Where is it valid?

The ticket is valid throughout the VRB area.


Student monthly passes are valid 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They are valid from midnight on the stamped/printed date to noon on the same date of the following month.

Where can I buy it?

You can get the pass directly in the app, from a bus driver, from the advance-ticket offices of the transport companies and from ticket machines. You will need your student ID card with a photo. Or you can show your VRB customer card.

Will you only be travelling in Braunschweig?

Then the Braunschweig Student monthly pass is the best value for you, at just €15 a month. The ticket cannot be extended to other fare zones.

Also available as an annual pass!

If you want to be mobile for a year, the Student annual pass is the one for you. You can order it simply via our website – download the order form here. Your annual pass will be sent directly to your home. It is valid for a full 12 months. The price is conveniently deducted monthly, so 12 payments of €30, or 12 payments of €15 for the Braunschweig Student annual pass.

You can also find full information in the new student flyer!

If you need a customer card:

The application for your customer card is available from all transport companies and directly here as a download. You complete the application form and have the details confirmed by your school, apprenticeship or internship company (with a signature and stamp on the form). You then submit the application and a current photo to a transport company and you will get your customer card. Customer cards are available in the service centres of the transport companies. Please note: Your customer card is not valid without a photo.

Your customer card and your Student monthly pass together constitute the valid travel documents. Please show both when tickets are checked.

And one more thing: The customer card expires after one year. You can easily renew it upon submission of a new application.