VRB connecting ticket, available in the Lower Saxony ticket area for onward journeys from Braunschweig, Wolfsburg, Goslar, Bad Harzburg, Salzgitter Helmstedt, Peine and Gifhorn stations.


Not accepted on local trains, buses and light rail services for journeys within the network area.

Special case of the CityTicket. Personalised annual DB AG network pass. Treated like a time-limited ticket for the respective fare zone in all cities participating in the CityTicket. In the VRB region, it is only valid in fare zones 20, 40 and 60 for all network partners. In the rest of the network area, the BahnCard 100 is only valid on the lines of the railway companies. It is not possible to take a bicycle with you, even after 7pm.

A maximum of 4 children under the age of 6 are transported free of charge when accompanied by a supervisor, see group travel.
The accompanying person must be at least 10 years of age.

When wearing uniform, travel free of charge on all bus and light rail services and on all non-surchargeable local trains in standard class.


Additional travel pass when purchasing a DB ticket.

Particularly suitable for travellers without a BahnCard; available in the VRB for fare zones 20 (Wolfsburg), 40 (Braunschweig) and 60 (Salzgitter). Available from DB ticket machines and travel centres.

DB AG combined ticket offer for BahnCard customers.

Authorises the holder to use local public transport at the starting point and destination on arrival and, if applicable, on the day of return. In the VRB, it is only valid in fare zones 20 (Wolfsburg), 40 (Braunschweig) and 60 (Salzgitter) for all network partners.


Abbreviation for: Train Operating Company


These are permitted provided in compliance with the validity of standard ticket or the multi-pack ticket. Not applicable for short hops.


The area of validity of the ticket is determined by the fare zones selected.

Drinking is prohibited on buses and light rail services.

Alcoholic beverages may not be consumed on appropriately designated trains.


Use is prohibited in the immediate vicinity of the driver’s workplace, unless the customer is using it to present a valid online ticket. In the passenger compartments of buses and light rail vehicles, use is permitted starting from the first row of seats.


Long-distance train. Can be used with selected time-limited tickets bought at the network fare with IC surcharge within the network area.


In order to be able to use Student monthly and annual passes, a personal customer card is required if no student ID card with a photograph is available. The application for the customer card is available for download. Just complete the application form and have it confirmed by the educational institution or the training or internship company. Then submit the application together with a current photo at the service centre of a transport company. The customer card is issued on the spot.

Another note: The customer card expires after one year. It will be extended upon submission of a new application.

One paying passenger may be accompanied by up to 4 children under the age of 6 free of charge.

When using a day ticket for 5 people, for example, a total of 20 children under the age of 6 can travel free of charge with 5 people.

Carried free of charge. Please use the places designated for this purpose.

Are carried free of charge in places designated for pushchairs or specifically for wheelchairs.


On Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays, as well as on 24 and 31 December, holders of Plus monthly passes and Plus season tickets, as well as Job season tickets holders, can take one adult and up to three children with them free of charge. The accompanied-travel rules apply from 7pm Monday to Friday. Instead of an adult, you can also take a bicycle.

When using InterCity trains, it is not generally permitted to take additional persons (even against payment of a surcharge).

The use of portable audio players with headphones is permitted, provided they do not bother third parties.


Local trains are: RegionalExpress (RE) and RegionalBahn (RB)

Price bracket 4 tickets and travel passes are valid throughout the VRB area, i.e. over the entire network. Note: Standard tickets and multi-pack tickets are only valid for a maximum of 150 minutes.


When wearing uniform, police enforcement officers of the State of Lower Saxony travel free of charge on all bus and light rail services and on all non-surchargeable local trains in standard class.


Local train; may be used with VRB travel passes.

Local train; may be used with VRB travel passes.

Up to 5 people can travel on one day ticket. Groups of 10 or more must be registered with the relevant transport companies at least 3 working days before starting the trip in order to ensure sufficient capacity on the day of travel.

With DB, groups of 20 or more must be registered using an order form at a staffed ticket office at least 7 days before the start of the trip.


Carried free of charge; the passenger is liable for damage and dirt.

Free transport for the disabled person and their carer is provided on presentation of the orange disabled-person’s pass with supplementary sheet and valid token. However, a convenience surcharge applies when travelling with a dial-a-ride shared taxi (AST) to an individual address.

Carried free of charge; the passenger is responsible for damage and dirt.

Are carried free of charge only in standard class in all non-surchargeable TOC trains (not buses or trams), provided they can identify themselves during the journey by:

  • the wearing of a full uniform and
  • the presentation and delivery (on request) of the personal troop ID card and
  • the ticket booked for this journey via the booking portal set up for the Bundeswehr.

The consumption of food on buses and light rail services is prohibited.


Small animals (dogs, cats, etc.) are carried free of charge.


Changes are possible as often as desired, even with a change of direction, within the area and time of validity.

Exceptions: Short hop and extension ticket


For safety reasons, bus drivers only have a small amount of cash available. They are therefore not obliged to give change in amounts of more than €10.00, accept more than 20 coins or accept 1-cent pieces in the amount of more than €0.10. For “large” banknotes, the remaining amount of money will thus be withheld against receipt. The remaining money will be available for collection from the respective transport company.


Standard and multi-pack tickets, depending on the price bracket purchased, have a maximum time of validity from the time of validation or purchase (standard tickets from ticket machines of the train operating companies). Extension tickets are valid for 150 minutes. Short-hop tickets are valid for up to three stops from boarding.

Surcharges apply for special travel services: