Greater Braunschweig regional association

Making mobility sustainable

The regional association ensures good mobility for everyone – in the cities, between the districts, in the countryside. And it’s been doing this for 30 years now. The association is responsible for public transport between Harz and Heide. Its goal is to make mobility sustainable in terms of climate protection and at the same time to ensure the provision of public services. Good public transport, modern stations and the latest information technology make up the mobility of today and tomorrow. That’s what the association is working on.

At the same time, the association draws up the Regional Planning Programme, in which all the important requirements for land use in the association’s area – over an area of more than 5,000 square kilometres – are coordinated with and adapted to each other. These include residential, commercial, retail and raw-materials uses, as well as open spaces, recreational and agricultural areas.

In addition, the association has been assigned further topics by the State. That is why it looks after flood protection, support for municipalities in their commercial development, tourism and local recreation, as well as climate protection and energy. As a service, the association offers numerous important data services.

The association includes the urban districts of Braunschweig, Salzgitter and Wolfsburg, as well as the districts of Gifhorn, Goslar, Helmstedt, Peine and Wolfenbüttel. The political body, the association’s General Assembly, brings together members from all cities and counties.

Detlef Tanke

Association CEO

Ralf Sygusch

Association Director

The tasks of the regional association

  • Regional planning authority and subordinate state planning authority:
    In this function, the association draws up the overarching programmes, updates them and coordinates all spatial planning. This relates to the topics of agriculture, residential and open spaces, recreation and tourism, as well as raw-material security, further development of wind energy and the regional retail concept.

  • Authority for local public transport by rail (SPNV) and road (ÖPNV)
    The regional association plans, appoints and finances public transport entities in the region. One key task is the creation and implementation of a local transport plan that is valid for five years. The plan describes the development of public transport in the region and defines the sufficient range of services to be provided, which is implemented in close collaboration with all local transport operators. Thanks to the unified VRB tickets and pricing, passengers can travel throughout the entire region with just one ticket.

  • Intermodal transport planning

  • Support for commercial development

  • Spatial observation and monitoring

  • Tourism and local recreation

  • Floods and heavy rain

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